Fat man snippets: “Flippin’ Busy August” edition

Still writing my ass off, setting and meeting self-imposed deadlines. So no full-on “proper” post just yet. Enjoy snippets!

Get the Bastion soundtrack

I heaped praise on Bastion, an amazingly crafted and priced action RPG, a couple posts back (here, actually). I didn’t talk more about its super-awesome soundtrack, so here goes: it’s freakin’ great, with a kinda-sorta “spaghetti western meets Diablo‘s Tristram meets string gloriousness” quality. Sample/buy it at the official Bastion Original Soundtrack page!

Writing Movies For Fun and Profit: seriously, read this book

Last post I recommended books, including Writing Movies for Fun and Profit. I’m hammering this point home: if you’re a screenwriter, aspiring or otherwise, get this book. Here’s a link, you lazy asshole: click me.

Seriously read this god damn book. It’ll help you write better. It’ll help you pitch better. It will julienne fries. READ IT. BUY IT. LOVE IT. POSSIBLY SEXUALLY. Caps.

There’s no problem with a real money auction house in Diablo 3, jackasses

Here’s how you get gear in a Diablo game: you kill sufficiently powerful dudes and pray you win a lottery.

Here’s what Blizzard is letting you do instead: buy the item off someone else who won that lottery, and who doesn’t need the item, for either in-game currency or real world money.

Here’s what Blizzard ISN’T doing: forcing you to spend, make, or otherwise deal with real money, should you choose not to.

There’s no actual problem here. Your opinion is irrelevant: objectively, there’s no fucking problem. Stop bitching, and use whatever auction house you’re most comfortable with.

Or play Bastion. It’s by far the better game. Than anything Blizzard has ever made.

Char’s Counterattack is a fucking terrible movie

Anime sucks. Except G Gundam, which is awesome.

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